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Constitutional Rights Summit


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Dr. Tom Reed


Healthy Lifestyle Coach

Surgeon • Author • Researcher • Speaker
Farmer • Entrepreneur

Dr. Elena Villanueva

D.C., MHHC, Founder of Modern Holistic Health
MHH Health Coach and Instructor
Crusader for Health, Mental Health Activist, Teacher, Speaker

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This Is Texas Freedom Force is committed to protecting and preserving Texas History and protecting Texan's Rights.

Whether it be standing firm with Texas Monuments, honoring and maintaining our Texas history, helping Texans in natural disasters, or ensuring that Texan's rights are protected, you can guarantee that TITFF will be there fighting for Texas.


Graphic design by Becky Blalock

Texas-proud and Houston-based, we love hearing from our fellow Texans, but that whole internet thing makes it easy to work in other galaxies. So if you're not exactly our neighbor, no worries, we'd be happy to take on your project!

Our Mission
While being real astronauts would be so cool, our actual training is a little more down to Earth. We offer graphic design, illustration, and animation services to anyone who needs a creative jet-pack to shoot them into the marketplace orbit!

We breed, birth, raise, and finish, our Grassfed and Grass finished Beyond Organic Beef on approximately 500 acres in Cameron, Texas, and approximately 600 acres in Hallsville, Texas. We invite you to learn more about us, our products, and our regenerative practices by following our social media channels and Newsletter.

Parents For Health Choice

Founding Father Sponsor

We strive to inform parents about the factual risks of vaccines. There are numerous "adverse events" listed in manufacturer's vaccine inserts, which are rarely, if ever, shown to parents.

Despite the seriousness of these risks, they are generally not known by doctors, and, as a result, vaccine injuries are grossly underreported. The facts presented in this website are primarily from the CDC, FDA & vaccine maker's own websites.

Dr Steven Hotze

Physician. Speaker. Author.

Dr. Steven F. Hotze is a physician, speaker, author, and the founder of the Hotze Health & Wellness Center, Hotze Vitamins and Hotze Pharmacy in Houston. He is also a proud husband, father of eight, and grandfather of twenty-three.

Dr. Hotze is leading a wellness revolution. Having successfully treated over 30,000 patients, he has unlocked the secret to treating the underlying cause of health issues naturally, instead of prescribing prescription drugs to treat symptoms.

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